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KOKUYO Pasta Marker Singles

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KOKUYO's PASTA series is a water-soluble, solid gel marker that colors like pastel without coloring your fingers in the process. We like to think of them as a kind of square crayon pen. The rectangular tip allows them to glide smoothly across paper and the vivid colors have a sense of transparency, making them popular highlighters.

We find the tactile feedback of gliding them across the page satisfying, and enjoy the look of a rich, almost rustic sensibility, thanks to the texture of the material itself. They pair well with pens that are not waterproof (like many fountain pen inks), or for thin paper where you can’t risk the ink bleeding through. Lightweight and refillable, each PASTA marker makes an addictive addition to your art supply drawer.  

Sold individually. Refills include 2 cores per pack.

Choose from Pale Orange, Flourescent Blue, Flourescent Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow, Brown, Flourescent Green, or Green colorways. 

On Changing Refills: Don't try to insert new refills by pulling the bottom off! DO twist the bottom until the old refill is completely extended from the top. Then, carefully pluck the old refill out, and click the new refill in its place. Now twist the bottom in reverse until the new refill is comfortably inside the PASTA housing.