Petite Tri Sharpener

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A fun addition to any regular writer's desk or pencil case.

The Petite Tri Sharpener has its own cover for a clean look, and pops open to empty. Fitted with German steel, it sharpens to a reliable point. Once the blade eventually becomes dull, just unscrew it and insert a refill blade (sold separately).

Other accessories sold separately.

By KUM, whose name is an acronym for “Kunstoff (plastic) und Metall (metal),” the two materials used to create their sharpeners, is a family owned company that has been making pencil sharpeners since 1920. Located in Erlangen, Germany, Bavaria’s famous pencil-producing region, KUM is the world’s premier manufacturer of handheld pencil sharpeners.

Using a 14-step proprietary process, KUM crafts sharpening blades that are consistent, reliable and without peer. These high-quality sharpening blades, coupled with KUM’s attention to creative design have made KUM the leaders in the science of pencil sharpening.

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