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A cookbook for rice lovers!

Discover some of the best dishes that Asia has to offer, from sushi and nam khao to chicken biryani and lo mai gai. Written by chefs who know their rice, these recipes celebrate the all-time classics, from dishes fit for a holiday feast to quick bowls of kimchi fried rice.

With recipes from China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and beyond, Rice is (almost) as good as a trip across Asia. Start the day with nasi lemak and end it with nigiri. Whip up a bowl of jok or learn to make biko. Sate your cravings, find new favorites and slurp your way from dawn to dusk with rice, rice, and more rice!

128 pages. Hardcover.

Featuring recipes from Billy Law, Aim Aris, ArChan Chan, Caroline Griffiths, Jerry Mai, Sarin Rojanametin, Ahmad Salim and Jean Thamthanakorn.

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