RoToTo Park Stripe Crew Sock Beige

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The Park Stripe Crew Sock features a set of navy, russet, and olive green stripes over a beige heathered background. These wide ribbed, chunky socks are woven on original Japanese machines, for unparallel comfort and warmth.

Available in Small, Medium, or Large.

Sizing Help

  • Small (23-25cm) fits US women's 5.5~8 and mens 4.5~7. 
  • Medium (25-27cm) fits US women's 8~11 and mens 7~10.
  • Large (27-29cm) fits US women's 11~12 and mens 10~11

RoToTo is a made-in-Nara Japanese socks brand with a focus on high quality and comfort. Their everyday accessories are based on the concept of "consumables that you can love for a lifetime."