RoToTo Ribbed Crew Socks

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The Ribbed Crew Socks from Rototo pare the classic style down to the essentials: a comfortable, eco-friendly cotton weave, and a ribbed texture to wick moisture. Each sock is made from virgin cotton recycled from spinneries in Japan and dyed at Japanese factories. Good for the planet, good for you.

Available in Grey, Orange, Olive, Lime, or a teal-ish Light Green hue.

Sizing Help

  • Small (23-25cm) fits US women's 5.5~8 and men's 4.5~7. 
  • Medium (25-27cm) fits US women's 8~11 and men's 7~10.
  • Large (27-29cm) fits US women's 11~12 and men's 10~11.

RoToTo is a made-in-Nara Japanese socks brand with a focus on high quality and comfort. Their everyday accessories are based on the concept of "consumables that you can love for a lifetime."