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Sailor Pro Gear Slim Solar Term Series Fountain Pen Hagi

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Sailor's Solar Term collection features two-toned colorways inspired by the changing of the seasons, a time that's marked in Japan with traditional festivals and seasonal foods. The Hagi Pen pays tribute to the autumnal equinox, when people snack on red bean ohagi to ward off evil spirits. The pen features a shimmering pink barrel accented with Sailor's signature golden accents and 14K gold nib. A contrasting blue top features Sailor's miniature anchor motif at the center.

There's a reason why Sailor's Pro Gear Slim fountain pens are known as "the Sapporo" of writing instruments among discerning stationery circles. Made exclusively in Japan, this classic fountain pen lends an air of authority to every signature, while its lightweight feel and smooth inkflow makes writing a pleasure.


  • 14K bi-color gold nib
  • Signature medium-fine nib
  • Official Sailor cartridge
  • Piston converter
  • Standard Sailor gift box
  • Measures: 4⅞" capped, 5⅝" posted, 4⅜" barrel

The Sailor Pen Company was founded by the engineer Kyugoro Sakata, after a sailor friend gifted him a fountain pen from England. Fascinated by the instrument, he became determined to produce the first fountain pens in Japan. Mr. Sakata named his company “Sailor” with the hopes that his business would be as far-reaching as the voyages of a sailor. Years later, every Sailor pen is still manufactured in its home port of Hiroshima, and remains one of the oldest manufacturers in the industry.

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