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STÁLOGY 10th Anniversary Editor's Series Box Set

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This limited edition 10th Anniversary Editor's Series Set makes a perfect gift for the STÁLOGY loyalist. It has everything you need, from their cult 365 Day Editor's Notebook and ballpoint pen to an exclusive Editor's Flip Notebook stamped with a commemorative 10th Anniversary logo, only available in this limited edition set. 

Set includes:

We love the considerate details of these award-winning stationeries. The notebooks look better with use and age; you'll see how it quickly becomes a reliable volume you can depend on for your writing and creative needs. This special edition set marks a landmark achievement–10 years in the biz–pairing together their most iconic products in one special bundle.

Choose from Black, Red, Blue, or Yellow colorways. 

What should have been, is.

The link between stationery and people began when people first used a stick to draw on the ground. The link, time and again, has continued to evolve along with the evolution of people. However, its intended purpose has never changed, and continues to exist today.

STÁLOGY is now rethinking this evolution—a stationery design collaboration between Nitto Group and Manabu Mizuno, a leading creative director in Japan—endeavoring to create stationery with good design and function at a reasonable price, improving the "standard" level of stationery.

Eliminating unnecessary ornamentation and fuction, they are taking a new look at what's really necessary, rediscovering essential elements and aiming to finally arrive at what should have existed all along.

stationery, standard & technology

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