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Tachikawa Nikko Pen Nib Set

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It's said that the nib of your pen is indispensable when drawing manga. This kit features everything you need to draw your own manga, from five differents styles of nibs to a mini ink bottle to get you started. Dreamed up especially for artists, it even includes a mini guide that breaks down how to use each nib to achieve your character's unique and lifelike look. Perfect for beginners and budding artists who want to add to their nib collection. Of course you can also use them to write!  

Set includes: 

  • Saji Nib: A hybrid pen that combines strength and precision. 
  • G Nib: A powerful pen that can be adjusted for a strong line. Draws the thickest lines. 
  • G Nib (Nume): Draws a uniform thick line, strong against curves and easy to handle. Ideal for beginners. 
  • School Nib: Specializes in uniform thin lines. Ideal for background drawing. 
  • Maru Nib: Draws ultra thin lines. Ideal for detail work like single strands of hair. 
  • P Free Pen 
  • Mini ink bottle in Jet Black
  • Manuscript paper for practice drawing 

To use, insert your nib of voice into the grooved end of the pen barrel. Dip the pen into the ink and start drawing! 

To clean, wipe off the ink with a tissue or soft cloth. Soak the ink and dirt that could not be wiped off with water—you can dip the pen tip in water to soften the ink that has adheres to the nib. Wipe the rip of the pen with a dry cloth. Make sure to dry well to avoid rust. 

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