Tadahiro Baba Cast Iron Tool Bottle Openers

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These cast iron bottle openers offer a pleasant heft in the hand and thorough satisfaction through usage. A thoughtful gift for housewarming. Sold individually.

The craft of industrial design cannot express much without the materials behind it. The fact that the special characteristics of copper and iron can be colored by the wisdom and living skill of people themselves, is proof of this sentiment. Rather than let mass market goods overtake our lives, we should find new relationships with these steadfast materials through design. Tadahiro BABA's aesthetic reflects this feeling through his hand-forged lifestyle items, which are as pleasing to interact with as they are to use.

Nambu Tekki Cast Iron was first made in the middle of 17th century in Iwate Prefecture in Northern Japan, a region now reknowned for its highest quality cast iron goods. The anti-rust layer of black oxidized metal is the result of a lacquer glaze called urushi.

Dimensions: Approx 6.5" long
From: Japan

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