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Thinking & Eating: Recipes to Nourish and Inspire

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Examining the psychological impact of the way we eat food, this thought-provoking book explores nutrition for the mind and body.

Nutrition is a daily undertaking--a morning shot of coffee, an absentminded sandwich at your desk, a hastily assembled dinner with the remnants from the fridge. It's easy to assume that that food is of little importance, or simply fuel to see us through the day. But what is its real impact on our emotional lives, and how can we better nourish ourselves?

What we eat and how we eat it has a significant impact on our psychological well-being. In recent times, our society has been eager to recruit food to the project of physical health, but we've not always paid so much attention to how cooking and eating can assist us with our emotional health.

With over 150 recipes, Thinking & Eating shows us how ingredients and dishes can be supporters of certain ideas, emotions, and states of mind that best help us confront the challenges of existence. In each recipe we discover the ways in which food can store, memorialize, and transmit the most important ideas of our lives.

368 pages. Hardcover.