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Transcendent 4

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A non-binary teenager may be from a small town but they remember at least a dozen past lives; a young trans woman auditions as an anime voice actor while the world is ending; in a future of constant change and transformation, one person is hesitant to undergo the next metamorphosis; a trans man comes back home to discover his parents have added to the household an android that has his deadface installed. Award-winning editor Bogi Takács has assembled a stellar line-up of stories that explore the frontiers of gender - using the imaginative tools of speculative fiction. The editor's introduction also includes a section on year-to-year changes in transgender SFF, and assembled longer-form trans highlights.

Table of Contents

"Ad Astra Per Aspera" by Nino Cipri

"The Substance of My Livesthe Accidents of Our Births" by José Pablo

"Iriarte You Inside Me" by Tori Curtis Sphexa

"Start Dinosaur" by Nibedita Sen

"Apotheosis" by Catherine Kim

"Assistance" by Kathryn DeFazio

"Ports of Perception" by Izzy Wasserstein

"Therapeutic Memory Reversal" by Everett Maroon

"The Art of Quilting" by Matthias Klein

"The Sixth World" by Kylie Ariel Bemis

"When the South Wind Whispers" by H. Pueyo

"The Face of the Waters" by Sonya Taaffe

"Into the Gray" by Margaret Killjoy

"The God of Small Chances" by L. Chan

"Chokechain" by Andrew Joseph White

"Sandals Full of Rainwater" by A. E. Prevost

"Of Warps and Wefts" by Innocent Chizaram Ilo

"Control" by Davian Aw

"Ghosts" by Blue Neustifter

"Nuclear Disassociations" by Aqdas Aftab