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TRAVELER'S COMPANY 2024 Passport Writing Mat

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shitajiki or writing mat typically goes underneath the current page you're writing on to protect the sheets behind it. This polypropylene writing mat features 5mm grid on the backside for precision drawing, and serves as a 10 cm ruler in times of need. 

You can use this writing mat (custom sized for a Passport sized TRAVELER's notebook) in many ways throughout your travels: writing while standing up, additional stability while writing on a moving vehicle like a train, as a bookmark, or as a guide for drawing straight lines.

The theme for 2024 is TRAVELER's TOWN

Traveler's Town is a curious place, where travelers from all over the world come and go. The town has been quiet for the past few years, but it seems that recently, things are picking up again. Travelers are getting off at the train station and airport one after another. Hotels that had been deserted for a long time are now crowded with travelers. At a coffee shop, I can hear unfamiliar conversations in foreign languages from the table next to me. Our record store is also selling records of local bands at a rapid pace.

As I opened my TRAVELER’S notebook at my favorite diner over a cup of coffee as usual, a fellow traveler said to me: “I use the same notebook as you.” Looking through his notebook, which was filled with the records of his travels, made me want to go on another trip.

The return of travelers brings life back to the town and reminds me of the joy of travel that I had forgotten for a while. The mixture of travelers from all over the world talking with locals makes it seem as if our town has become a destination. We can spend our days as if we were traveling. Their tales pique the curiosity of travelers and encourage them to set out on a journey to a new world.

When you are ready to travel, why not start by visiting TRAVELER’S TOWN?

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