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These brass charms from TRAVELER'S feature taiyaki, a classic Tokyo snack, and sakura, which bloom in various parts of Tokyo in spring. The taiyaki charm can be attached to the elastic of the TRAVELER’S notebook so that it can slide along the band. The sakura charm can be attached to the string or elastic of the bookmark.

Since it is made of solid brass, the more you use it, the more it ages and changes. Each charm is engraved one by one by a craftsman at a press factory near Tokyo.

For all the travelers who have a free spirit.

TRAVELER’S notebook “TOKYO EDITION” and its special edition items are designed with a focus on Tokyo, where TRAVELER’S COMPANY is based.

Whenever you see familiar scenes of your town on television or a movie screen, you may feel as if you are visiting it for the first time. When the view is cut and spotlighted through the perspective of a movie camera, the usual scenery takes on a fresh glow, making you feel as if you have visited the places as a traveler.

Even when walking through the same town, a traveler and a person who lives there may have different views. When local residents imagine the perspectives of travelers and travelers imagine the perspectives of local residents, the depth of the town’s scenery becomes deeper and travelers can enjoy the town as if they were walking through TRAVELER’S TOWN, an ideal town for travelers.

We hope that by holding TRAVELER’S “TOKYO EDITION” items in your hands, you can enjoy Tokyo with the nuance as if you were living here while maintaining the fresh perspective of a traveler. Perhaps the next TRAVELER’S notebook may appear in your town.