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TRC USA x Art Toolkit TRAVEL & SKETCH Folio Explore Palette Plus

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Create art anytime, anywhere with your TRAVELER’S notebook. The TRC USA x Art Toolkit Limited Edition palette is a portable tool for creatives who want to add colors to your TRAVELER’S notebook on the go.

TRC USA * Art Toolkit Folio Palette fits seamlessly in TRAVELER’S COMPANY Zipper Case Regular Size. It is twice the size of the standard Pocket Palette. Designed for watercolor enthusiasts who want to carry more colors in their palettes, while retaining the ease of painting in any environment. The Folio Palette includes 3 mixing surfaces and 21 pans for you to customize your favorite watercolor palette. You can fill watercolor paint from tubes and wait until they dry. Watercolor paint can be reactivated with a wet brush when you want to use them on-the-go.  

This special palette comes with a pre-filled selection of watercolor by Royal Talens Van Gogh® watercolor series, curated by Art Toolkit called "The Explore Palette Plus".

The 12 colors which includes:  

Transparent Yellow Medium, Permanent Red Light, Turquoise Blue, Pthalo Blue, Sap Green, Payne’s Grey, Yellow Ochre, Quinacridone Rose, Ultramarine, Permanent Blue Violet, Burnt Sienna, and Burnt Umber.

The case is made with anodized rust-proof aluminum in a limited bronze color. It is lightweight, scratch resistant, and easy to store. It comes with a cloth drawstring pouch screen printed with TRAVEL & SKETCH logo. You can use it to store your palette and other small accessories.