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SAI Traditional Tones Extra Fine Brush Pen Set

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A set of five extra fine brush pens in an array of rich yet subtle traditional Japanese colors. Each pen is ssembled by hand from specialized artificial hair fibers, providing a precision utensil capable of both fine illustrations and calligraphy writing.

Using water-based pigment ink, each of the five traditional colors is light and fade resistant. This exquisite selection offers both richness of color and a seemingly plain but subtly different hues. Enjoy using them for letter writing, sketching, illustration, and more. Their inks, once dried, become bleed resistant, even if the paper is wet after drying.

Each brush pen can produce a thin 2mm line.

The colors are:

  • Sumi Iro (Sumi ink color) - a rich charcoal black
  • Seiboku (Blue sumi ink color) - more of a washed out slate grey
  • Mizuasagi (Light Water color) - a deep cold ocean blue
  • Chitosenmidori (Eternal Green color) - "a thousand years" rich mossy green
  • Hiwadairo (Hinoki cypress bark color) - a violet-based cinnamon brown