KOJU 1575 Imperial Incense YAMA

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A landscape of fragrance harmonized from Labdaum ciste, Japanese cedar, and precious aloeswood. Conveys a rare beauty as Koju attains wisdom and the mysteries of fragrance are revealed in deep curls of smoke of YAMA (the mountain).

Koju was the master of incense to the Imperial Palace during the Tensho Era, which began around 1573. Eight generations later, Jyuemon Takai became well known for many of his famous incenses. The KOJU 1575 series expresses the life of Jyuemon Takai through various distinguishing notes.

This legacy continues today through Japanese master perfumer, Hisao Iwai, who created the luxuriously regal scents of this line. French designer, Fred Néry, designed the beautiful and elegant boxes containing each scent. Brought to you by Nippon Kodo, masters of traditional incense with over 430 years of experience.

From: Japan

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