Yoshii Linen Blend Sea Border Washcloth

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One half of this luxe wash cloth has light-colored stripes woven on a bright white ground, while the other half has dark-colored stripes that are woven on a linen-colored background. This creates a subtle and elegant contrast.

Made in the famous towel making region of Imabari, Japan, Yoshii towels are known for their superior absorbency, lightweight texture, and natural softness. Fast drying and available in fresh proportions that pack tightly, they make ideal towels for gym bags and luggage. This towel features two sides: a smooth cotton weave and a looped terrycloth pile, both unbelievably soft.

The secret to Yoshii towels' softness is in the environmentally friendly manufacturing process. By minimizing the chemical processing, Yoshii towel has maximized the natural properties of the cotton. Using 100% hand picked "Shankar 6" cotton threads, all Yoshii towels are cultivated using minimal agricultural chemicals. Seeds are allowed to naturally separate from the cotton to avoid tearing any fibers. The cotton is then gently massaged down, puffed by patting and combed twice before being twisted into thread. To maintain its natural properties, the cotton is slowly and carefully bleached under normal temperature and pressure. Wow.

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Dimensions: 13" x 13"
Materials: 92% Cotton 8% Linen

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