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Staff Picks: Boskke Sky Planter

April 14, 2014

The Boskke Sky Planter remains a steady seller at the shop here. They're self-watering, lightweight, and come with all the hardware you need to install it–you just need the soil and a plant. We recommend them to anyone, for personal gardens, as a thoughtful housewarming gift, for people with pets that like to destroy houseplants, for people who like to cook with fresh herbs, even for people who don't know a thing about caring for plants.

Let's Talk About: Japanese Incense

February 01, 2014


Those who know already understand, Japanese incense is Nice. Made entirely out of compressed powder, Japanese incense burns clean, with no heavy smoky smell. You'll be surprised when you light your first stick how gentle and true the fragrance is, how it lingers sweetly and doesn't overwhelm the room with a strong burning odor.

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