Located in Old City Philadelphia

41 S 3rd street
Philadelphia PA 19106

on 3rd Street between Chestnut & Market Streets


11AM – 7PM Mondays through Saturdays
12PM - 5PM Sundays

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Pandemic Precautions

While the City of Philadelphia has dropped all masking and gathering limitations in early 2022, the fully vaxxed and boosted staff at Omoi is still masking up at work.

We request masks for everyone who shops with us, out of consideration for ourselves and each other.

Good to Know:
While many of our customers mask up, as of August 2022, just as many do not. The amount of unmasked customers can vary from 1 or 2 to a few groups of people at a time, especially during busier hours and weekends. We offer complimentary masks upon request.


There is a very small (barely there) step and slight lip at the bottom of our front double door. We do not have a ramp.

We typically keep one door open, but can quickly open both doors if needed.

There are no stairs to climb and the space is spacious for wheelchairs, walkers, and strollers.

We often burn scented candles and incense.

Because of the pandemic, we have removed our sitting chairs.

The Neighborhood

Omoi is located in a historical district known as Old City, where Lenapehoking became early colonial Philadelphia, just a few blocks from what is now called the Delaware River.

We are 3 blocks from the Market Street Blue Line's 2nd Street stop and 5 blocks from the 5th street stop, as well as a block or three from SEPTA bus routes 33, 57, 42, and 21.

On-street meter parking is available at most times.

There are lots of public historical sites, museums, galleries, boutiques, small public parks, bars, cafes, and restaurants in the immediate vicinity.

Pick up our visitor's guide in-store for spots worth visiting outside our immediate neighborhood, many within a 20 minute walk.





Rittenhouse location

est. 2006—moved April 2021

1608 Pine Street
Philadelphia PA 19103
on Pine Street at the intersection of 16th Street
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Thanks For All the Memories & Visit Us in Old City!

Omoi Zakka Shop is a life goods & stationery select shop operating in downtown Philadelphia since 2006. We offer a selection of items that we like, use, and believe in, with an emphasis on thoughtful design, affordability, and a decent sense of humor. Omoi Zakka Shop is a nod to the many amazing Japanese boutiques with evocative foreign names, which planted the seeds of inspiration that led to our existence. Omoi sounds like "oh boy". If you like stationery, staff selected books, considerate gifts, and useful things for your daily life, we invite you to stop by. Our name means thoughtful daily use goods.

In 2021, we bid farewell to our original location in order to centralize Omoi's base of operations into our larger sister store, which we opened in 2015 at 41 S 3rd Street in the historic Old City district.

Our original location was a much loved, very cozy, 500 square foot storefront on 1608 Pine Street, tucked along the edge of the fashionable Rittenhouse neighborhood. It took us 15 years and a pandemic to consider that perhaps we had outgrown the space.

For more on this topic, visit our blog for A Brief History of Omoi, along with store tours, and other entertaining reads.

Omoi is also an official TRAVELER’S COMPANY (TRC) Partner Shop. Makers of the original TRC TRAVELER'S Notebook, the company produces a leather cover journaling system in 2 sizes, with various format notebook inserts and accessory items. Its versatility appeals to a variety of creative needs, from planning to watercoloring. As a Partner Shop, Omoi is a reliable source for everything TRAVELER'S, including rare items available only in-store at Partner Shops worldwide. We'll be happy to see you.


Pronounced like “oh boy,” the first part of our name comes from the Japanese homophone omoi,「想い」。When learning Japanese as a second language in the US, the first omoi you often learn is “heavy”「重い」followed by the more general "thoughts"「思い」which comes from the verb omou "to think" 「思う」。Omoi's omoi also means thoughts, but is nuanced with a sense of awareness, hope, and consideration. It’s an I’ve been thinking of you kind of sentiment that’s at the heart of every item we stock.


Zakka 「雑貨」 is a sundry object imbued with tremendous personal appeal. Some zakka are designed to be that way from the start, and other zakka become that way because you love and use them. A pen, a pouch, a soap dish. Your favorite mug, the windowsill incense burner, the wristwatch you rely on. Zakka are things that become the necessary items in your day to day life. They make you feel happy about your space, your life, your look. Say it like "zah-kah." Nice.


Liz Sieber
Founder & Proprietor, HBIC

Head of Logistics

Head of Merchandising

Jess • Maria • Norna • Shaipreeah • Tyara • Hughes • Shannon
Floor Staff & Order Fulfillment

Head of Online

Magali & Jess
Online Team

This ambitious enterprise is run by a small crew of creative Philadelphians. We give a warm hello when you visit. We pack and gift wrap your orders with efficiency and care. We strive to be helpful and informative when you call. We're genuinely enthused about what we sell, and enjoy telling the stories behind the makers, manufacturers, and artists who produce the items on our shelves. We love to talk stationery! We pride ourselves on making your experience with us a good one, and hope you shop with us again and again.

Get In Touch


Feel free to message us with any concerns, product requests, or other inquiries that cannot be answered by other areas of our website.

Vendors & Makers

Have a product that you think will fit in with our shop brand and current line-up? Use this contact form to introduce yourself or request an appointment. If you have files to attach (such as price lists and line sheets), we recommend emailing info @ instead. Please respect our time by not non-consensually adding us to your mailing list.


Want to include us in a gift guide or related offer? In need of images or other information not readily available on our site here? Drop us a line! We recommend familiarizing yourself with our For Press page before inquiry.  Please respect our time by not non-consensually adding us to your mailing list.