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Tosaryu Hinoki Cypress Spa Experience

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When you soak one of these spa sachets it in the bathtub or put it in the bathroom, the refreshing citrus scent peculiar to Shimanto cypress spreads, making you feel relaxed as if you were in the forest. Made from wood shavings of Japanese cypress trees, this fragrant duo of "Japanese spa" sachets are just the thing for a relaxing time in the bath or shower. 

Includes 2 sachets containing Shimanto cypress flakes (fine shavings) and chips (crushed grains), thinned Shimanto cypress leaf essential oil (essential oil) and dry leaf (dried leaves) are blended with Tosaryu's original formulation, in a non-woven fabric for steeping.

Made by Tosaryu Woodshop, whose craftsmen have continued to make products using thinned wood and scraps of their region's abundant Shimanto Hinoki trees. Due to the surrounding environment of the Kochi region, Shimanto Hinoki is rich in oils and fats, has high antibacterial and antifungal effects, and drains well, so it dries quickly and lasts a long time. You'll enjoy the well-made goods from this inventive woodshop.


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