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Kala Vitamin C Soap

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"Uplifting citrus scents are magic."

The team at Kala Soaps worked on this soap for 2 years. Their goal was to make a soap that smelled like fresh squeezed oranges and made people FEEL better.

This bar is loaded with Cloudberries, a "Gold of the Arctic" with 4 times more Vitamin C than an orange. Vitamin C itself promotes collagen production and is considered the superior topical antioxidant for radiant, healthy skin. To top it off, the bar has light exfoliation properties (orange peel & silica) so you can get your scrub on and feel extra soft & clean.

Kala's goals with their soaps has always been to bring some joy into the bathing experience and create products with purpose that actually do something for you. This is why they say BUY GOOD SOAP, THE EXPERIENCE MATTERS.

"As we continue to work as a small, independent, family owned and operated business through the strangest of times, we want to thank you for your continued support. We are currently still open and shipping orders to loyal customers who are undoubtedly making every effort to wash their hands numerous times throughout the day. [...] Thank you for continuing to support us. In good health, and clean hands, -Kalastyle Team"


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