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Slanted Magazine #43—Ukraine

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Issue #43 of Slanted is not about war. Instead, it delves into the lives of remarkable individuals within the creative industry in and hailing from Ukraine, as they endeavor to maintain a semblance of normalcy amidst their diligent efforts. This narrative underscores the inseparable bond between culture and design, raising the question of its feasibility.

During the NEED conference in Warsaw in early September 2023, the Ukrainian delegation motivated the Slanted team to initiate a magazine dedicated to the Ukrainian design sphere, advocating that “better now than never!” Without their invaluable assistance, input, and valor, such an endeavor would have been inconceivable. The editorial policy refrains from producing issues centered on a city or country if physical presence isn’t feasible, as the essence of a place cannot truly be captured from a distance. However, with each new connection established, the palpable tension among individuals becomes increasingly apparent, underscoring the universal impact of current circumstances.

Slanted is an award-winning print magazine covering international developments in design and culture twice a year.

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