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The Surfer's Journal Apr/May 2024 Vol. 33, No. 2

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On the cover: Aussie mongrel and TSJ 33.1 profile subject Harry Bryant leaves one of his distinctive animal tracks in North Africa. Photograph by Thomas Robinson.

Other lines in the issue include an arbiter’s subjective ranking of 100 postmodern wave riders, a pop-cultural misappropriation of surfing, and the obsessive nature of noseriding. TSJ 33.1 also talks survival with a seasoned Pacific Northwest local, rides full-speed with a contemporary shredder, and browses a prolific graffiti writer’s flicks. Imagery ranges from paradisiacal Earthly wonders to the Wild West-era North Shore, and more. See what’s inside.

As a reader-supported surf publication, The Surfer’s Journal is a truly unique periodical. It’s an independent take on the surfing experience with limited advertising, making each 132-page issue almost entirely editorial.

They delve into topics that get little attention elsewhere, covering travel adventures, surfboard design, profiles of surfing’s most colorful subjects, and the choicest surf photography in every issue. Coupled with the premium construction, The Surfer’s Journal is a product that is peerless in its quality and content. It makes a great gift for the surfer in your life. We like it and we don't even surf!

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