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Lomography La Sardina Camera & Flash DIY

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The 35mm La Sardina is inspired by vintage DYI pinhole cameras made with sardine cans. This blank slate DIY Edition lets you customize your camera to your taste: write, draw, paint, or glue something directly on the white surface to make the camera your own. Enjoy experimental features like multiple exposures, a rewind dial to mix and match frames with ease, and a retro-style Fritz the Blitz 2.0 Flash. From camera to image, it's sure to become your next masterpiece.


  • Bulb mode for evening exposure experimentation
  • Wide-angle lens perfect for landscapes, cityscapes or even detailed selfies
  • Multiple exposure switch to take as many exposures as your heart desires


  • Film Format: 35 mm
  • Focal Length: 22 mm
  • Available Apertures: f8
  • Shutter Speed: 1/100 (N), Bulb (B)
  • Flash: La Sardina Micro Contact
  • Available ISO Settings: No ISO Adjustment
  • Multiple Exposure: Yes
  • Tripod Mount: Yes
  • Cable Release: Yes
  • Battery: 1 x CR123A

Lomography: Creative Film Photography

Established in Vienna in 1992 as an artistic movement – fuelled by fiery passion and burning curiosity – today, Lomography designs, manufactures and distributes analogue cameras and accessories to photographers around the world. Lomography is committed to keeping analogue alive and capturing the curious world we live in through their inventive cameras and films. 

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