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Rolife Emily's Flower Shop DIY Miniature Kit

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Build your own bookstore with Rolife's DIY Miniature Kits. This kit has everything you need to make Emily's Flower Shop, from tropical plants and floral displays to sunroom windows and gift wrapping stations. Emily's Flower Shop captures an adorable corner of your neighborhood. Stop by in the morning or after work to buy a beautiful bouquet for the day, or chat with the shopkeeper .

You'll love assembling every detail, from the plug-and-snap furniture to the paper leaves on each plant. Each component is mostly finished, allowing you to put the store together without coloring in or using glue. Each piece is playable: for example, you can open the cabinet doors and store items inside, or move the ribbon scissors and packing materials around. Once you're done assembling it you can display it on your plant shelf or populate it with your own Smiskis and Sonny Angel customers.

This kit comes includes an ambient light box and top light set. To turn on/off the lights with the touch switch: short press to control the switch, long press to adjust the brightness. 


  • Set includes kit accessories, light, some tools, and English language instruction manual
  • Assembled size measures approximately 7.8" x 7.4" x 8.3" (200mm x 190mm x 210mm)
  • Recommended for ages 14+
  • Estimated assembly time: approximately 1 hour

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