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Midori Color-In Pens

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Midori's Color-In Pens work alonside Midori's Block Planner Stamps to fill in and customize your stamps. Each set includes six dual-ended markers, each with a firm brush tip marker on one end and a 0.5 felt tip pen on the other for precision illustration. The water-based ink won't bleed over or smudge your oil-based stamps, ensuring a clean drawing experience even if you just stamped your paper or planner. Fun and practical tip: the top tab of the case flips open to become a pen stand.

Choose from Relaxation, Positiveness, or Happiness colorways:

  • Relaxation: Mint Green, Ocean Blue, Violet, Cosmos Pink, Magenta, Cashmere Gray
  • Positiveness: Forest Green, Olive Green, Mustard Yellow, Mandarin Orange, Rose Pink, Cappuccino Brown
  • Happiness: Coral Pink, Canary Yellow, Emerald Green, Aqua Blue, Night Blue, Chocolate Brown

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