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Actually Curious Conversation Deck Human Rights Edition

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Ready to spread empathy? The Human Rights Deck was created to help bring us closer together in these times where we seem so divided. This special edition was curated alongside Human Rights thought leaders and released on the anniversary of the death of George Floyd with the purpose of aiding discussions and uncovering the biases and judgments that reinforce discrimination and inequality.

The Human Rights Edition is a deep, and sometimes challenging deck, that helps you explore your own bias. It's perfect for self-reflection journaling, diversity and inclusion workshops, and community discussions. 

53 cards. 

Actually Curious is a conversation card game that uses the science and psychology of trust-building and emotional connection to bring people closer together. Each deck includes contributions and input from psychologists, journalists, crisis negotiators, game developers, culture creators, and industry experts to teach the tools of empathy through play.

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