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Grow Bonsai

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Ideal for first-time gardeners, Grow Bonsai guides you through caring for an extensive directory of varieties, whether that's a delicate deciduous Japanese maple, a flowering hawthorn, or a faster-growing indoor tree such as a tropical fig. Learn how to plant and care for your tree with simple tips on propagation, pruning, wiring, and repotting, while a handy seasonal guide to bonsai maintenance lets you know what to do and when to do it!

Inside you'll find detailed advice on choosing, shaping, and maintaining your bonsai, along with simple projects to try, and profiles of more than 25 species of bonsai. This guide also taps into the gardening for mental health trend, supported by studies that suggest growing bonsai can reduce stress, improve mood, and bring about therapeutic benefits.

Get your gardening gloves on and join the green-fingered journey to grow, maintain and display bonsai successfully from the comfort of your own home and garden.

144 pages. Paperback. 

About the Author

Peter Warren is an author and bonsai artist working in the UK, offering teaching and consultancy from his studio/nursery in London. Since completing a traditional six-year apprenticeship in Tokyo under the bonsai master Kunio Kobayashi, Peter has taught and worked with bonsai collectors around the world and has exhibited in Japan, the US, and Europe. He writes for magazines such as Bonsai Focus and International Bonsai and authored the 2014 DK title Step-by-Step Bonsai.

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