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Hello, Habits: A Minimalist's Guide to a Better Life

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Fumio Sasaki changed his life when he became a minimalist. But before minimalism could really stick, he had to make it a habit. All of us live our lives based on the habits we've formed, from when we get up in the morning to what we eat and drink to how likely we are to actually make it to the gym. In Hello, Habits, Sasaki explains how we can acquire the new habits that we want--and get rid of the ones that don't do us any good.

Drawing on cognitive psychology, neuroscience, and sociology, he unravels common misperceptions about "willpower" and "talent," and offers a step-by-step guide to creating habits that stick. Ultimately, Sasaki showshow ordinary people like himself can use his principles of good habit-making to improve themselves and change their lives.

304 pages. Hardcover.

About the Author

Fumio Sasaki is a Japanese author, editor, and minimalist. He is the former coeditor in chief of Japan's Wani Books, and cofounder of the website Minimal & ism. He currently lives in the Philippines.

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