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Kikka Blue Ceramic Donabe

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The Kikka Ceramic Donabe is made in Japan and features the signature chrysanthemum shape fitted with easy to grip handles. Kikka Series pots are designed to be lightweight, and can be brought to a boil quicker than usual. These earthern pots are excellent heat retainers, allowing for both cooking and serving at the dinner table. We especially enjoy cooking rice on a Kikka, as its inner ridges make it easy to see how much water you're putting in. Unlike conventional donabe, the Kikka requires no "pre seasoning" before use. 

The personal size is perfect for single portions or groups of up to 4 people.


  • A glossy deep blue colorway.
  • Measures 10" in diameter
  • 64oz | 1.9L capacity
  • Microwave, oven, open flame, and heating coil safe (note: only the base is safe for use on a heating coil, not the lid). Not suitable for induction cooktop.
  • Made in Japan

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