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kleid String & Tie Notebook

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kleid's unexpectedly sophisticated square notebook feataures 160 pages of 2mm grid format paper. Enjoy the flexibility of this unique square layout, flexible spiral binding, and string-and-tie closure. kleid's special "OK Fools" cream color paper is easy on the eyes and perfect for note-taking, doodling, and even journaling.

  • Card stock folder pocket
  • Durable cardstock cover
  • String and tie leather closure
  • 6.7" x 6.1" (170 x 155mm)

About OK Fools Paper
Each kleid planner is made with ‘OK Fools’ paper, which is smooth with the perfect amount of texture. The acid-free pages allow bleed and feathering resistance which is ideal for fountain pen users or those who use extremely pigmented writing utensils. The quality of these planners really comes through when you look closely at the pages. Hold up any page to the light and you'll see the unique Japanese watermark that stamps the authenticity of the paper. The balanced thickness of the pages creates a sturdy yet flexible planner that you’ll enjoy using every day.