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Magic Bath Zine Vol.1

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A new zine from the world of Dawning Crow. On Christmas eve, a bunch of cats from the same neighbourhood (named Crooklyn) were gathered to celebrate this joyful festival. After the party, a hot bath was the only last thing that Cat wanted to do to end the day peacefully. However, he realized that something strange was happening to his body, even his hair was turned into a mysterious green colour. At the same time, someone was banging on the door...

An experimental comic book created with fun and pleasure, written by Monte Croissant and drawn by Kathy Lam.

36 pages

Dawning Crow is a blog and shop by Hong Kong artist Kathy Lam. Cheeky and offbeat, her illustrations feature temperamental animals going about their everyday lives: shopping in the supermarket, binge-watching a show, and complaining about humans.  

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