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Midori Ceramic Blade Carton Cutter Aluminum

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This mysterious silver round is a corrugated cardboard cutter with extreme functionality and reliability. Suitable for a variety of purposes from cutting cartons and opening envelopes to single-sheet paper cutting, it uses an aluminum blade that is hard to rust and has excellent durability.

It opens to a full 180 degrees, making it easy to grip when in use. Aftwards, close it back to a round shape and store it in a bag or pocket, tote it on a strap, or utilize its built-in magnet to stick on your fridge or other metal items around the house.

For single-sheet cutting, place the open body against your preferred cutting surface and draw the cutter along.

With a durable body formulated of fiberglass, it's also suited for heavy duty use.

Refill blades sold separately. 

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