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Sailor Fountain Pen Maintenance Kit

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A simple kit to keep your fountain pen clean, polished, and ready to use. This set includes a syringe, adapters, and plastic cartridges and comes in a padded plastic box.

Set includes:

  • Syringe
  • Plastic tip adapter for flushing out water through the fountain pen nib, ensuring a deep clean
  • Thin metallic tip adapter for squeezing that final drop of ink from the bottom of your ink bottle or for filling your converter to capacity
  • Capped plastic cartridge to fill with fountain pen ink and use as a ink cartridgepped plastic cartridge can be filled with fountain pen ink and used as an ink cartridge.
  • Instructional booklet

 Please note that this mainteinance kit is designed to be used with Sailor fountain pens only. We recommend sticking to the same brand as your fountain pens.