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Saucy is an accessible collection of 50 sauce recipes organized by flavor profile (herby, sweet, spicy, savory, and more). This go-to kitchen companion, irresistibly designed with bold graphics and full-color photography, includes simple, super-tasty sauces that transform basics from ordinary to sensational:

  • Dress up your grilled chicken with Orange Chimichurri
  • Drizzle Thai Peanut Sauce over steamed veggies to up the flavor factor
  • Add Coconut Chile Crisp to spice up morning eggs
  • Fancify a bowl of ice cream with Blackberry Basil Coulis

How-to instructions for ten homemade dishes, like sautéed shrimp, juicy burgers, and fluffy pancakes, and a handy list of recommended sauce pairings for a range of proteins, vegetables, pasta, beans, grains, and greens, help you get your saucy party started.

Amateur cooks, busy parents, and healthy eaters will appreciate these creative ways to upgrade everyday meals.

152 pages. Hardcover. 

About the Author

Ashley Boydis a cook and the creator of the blog Pink Owl Kitchen, where she shares delicious, approachable recipes influenced by her Southern heritage. If you ask her, sauce makes everything better—especially Comeback Sauce! She lives right outside of Memphis, Tennessee, with her husband and son.

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