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Tako Knows by Naoshi

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Tako is an octopus who knows how precious life is and wants to live it to its fullest. He creates art and music and food and shares it all with the residents of the underwater world of Tako City. There is nothing Tako wouldn't do for his friends.

From the mind of internationally acclaimed Japanese artist Naoshi, whose distinctive characters and original style are recognized around the world, Tako Knows is a candy-colored, pop, fantasy world inspired by manga comics. Created using a shiny colorful sand artform called Sunae, Tako teaches us to enjoy the present and fill our days with humor and joy. Tako Knows is a unforgettable visual feast that readers will revisit for years to come.

88 pages. Hardcover.

About the Artist

Naoshi's imaginary, candy pop and fantasy world is inspired by manga and created through sand painting (known as Sunae in Japanese). Sunae contains brightly colored fine grain sand on adhesive paper, giving a secret 3D effect to a fantasy world. Although the process requires patience and precision, the result evokes a childlike playfulness and the joy that can be found within art-making. Naoshi was born in Iwate, Japan, and currently lives and works in Los Angeles.

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