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UNI Kuru Toga Standard 0.3mm Mechanical Pencil

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Say goodbye to uneven lead! The Kuru Toga Mechanical Pencil features a self-sharpening, rotating mechanism that keeps the lead tip at a continuous slanted angle for neat, consistent handwriting. This means that even as you use the mechanical pencil, the lead tip will remain at a perfectly sharpened 0.3mm.

Uni's exclusive Diamond-infused lead creates dark, vivid lines without suscepting to breakage. This is an ideal pencil for those who prefer precision writing in pencil.  

To sharpen, push the pencil tip lightly down against the paper. The mechanism will seamlessly feed more lead into the tip.   

Choose from Black or Silver colorways. 

Takes any brand 0.3mm lead refill. 

Next Day In-Store Pickup Available