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Well Worn

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Mend and revive your favorite well-worn garments with this comprehensive guide to visible mending techniques from the founder of Slow Stitch Club.

From the creator of the popular Slow Stitch Club, Well Worn is a fresh and engaging clothing repair guide and accessible introduction for anyone looking to explore visible mending to revolutionize their wardrobe, whether you are a stitching pro or have never picked up a needle and thread.

Mending is a creative outlet and a slow and therapeutic skill, and author and textile artist Skye Pennant shares the joys of mending by teaching traditional darning and sashiko techniques to help fight against wardrobe perfectionism as well as fast fashion, making for gorgeous visible mending results. Her introduction includes a short history of mending followed by key techniques, fabrics, tools, and materials. Sections are organized by type of clothing to mend: Jeans & Denim, Sweaters & Knitwear, T-Shirts, Socks, and more.

An outstanding gift or self-purchase for anyone interested in refreshing their wardrobe, fostering a more sustainable lifestyle, saving money and avoiding fast fashion, or simply engaging with a crafty new creative outlet, this sewing basics book is all about mending clothes you love, one slow stitch at a time.

Skye Pennant is a textile artist living in Frome, Somerset, England. She has a BA (Hons) in Fashion Design Enterprise and, in recent years, has established Slow Stitch Club, an initiative based around celebrating and educating about the joys of visible mending.

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