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Ooh how about this?

"A Kind Word Will Keep Someone Warm For Years"

"A Kind Word Will Keep Someone Warm For Years"

That's a saying I got in a fortune cookie once, and I've kept it in my wallet ever since. 

That said, now is a really good time to send someone a letter, written or otherwise. The change in seasons can be difficult, and we or someone we know may feel out of touch or forgotten to our friends. So it’s a nice gesture to reach out if you can and say you’re thinking of them. You can just say hello, or reminisce, or invite someone over for dinner and a movie, for a cozy reading date, for help cleaning their room because they've been stuck in bed, or just Autumn Greetings!  

And goodness knows we’ve got plenty of stuff for sending missives here. So check out our lettersets and the greeting card shop and see if there's not someone you know who needs a kind word.

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    I love This

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