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2024-2025 Weekly Planners

Weekly planner formats are some of our most popular, and include yearly and monthly calendar pages.

Weekly + Memo format planners have the dated week (arranged in rows) on left-facing pages, and blank memo space on right-facing pages. Write important information on the dated side, and use the memo side for extra notes, TO DOs, diary illustration, sticker collaging—anything you like.

Weekly Vertical format can also be called Appointment Style because it almost always includes a vertical time line for writing in your appointments. The entire week is shown across a 2-page spread, with days of the week arranged in columns. Dedicated users value this format for the ability to visually block out their day-to-day.

Weekly Block or quadrant format planners often layout an entire week across a 2-page spread. If you find yourself tiring of the same old weekly style, try Block style! There's something fresh about the blocked-out format that encourages experimentation, while still providing the essentials: your calendar at a glance.

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