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A Trip to TRAVELER'S Factory

A Trip to TRAVELER'S Factory

If you still didn't know by now, Omoi Zakka Shop is an official Partner Shop of TRAVELER'S Company brand journaling goods. Referred to as TRC for short, this leather-bound journaling system has devoted followers the world over.

Dinner on the first night at a Shinjuku MUJI Cafe

It looks just like any other leather-bound journal with some fancy refills. What's the big deal? I used to think. Working at a stationery-centric lifestyle shop and being an avid journaler and fiction writer, I'd acquired quite a stack of unused notebooks before I began to wonder why TRC was so popular with customers. Then, during one of our regular seasonal trade shows, we were in the TRAVELER'S booth and I saw firsthand how the entire staff had their own TRC notebook. Wow everyone looks so with it and they all look so different and good together too, I marveled. That's when I decided that I would start my own TRAVELER'S once my then-current notebook was full. 

One of the several poor photos I took at the Narita Airport TRAVELER'S Factory

Cut to a year later and I'm disembarking a 12 hour flight into Japan's Narita Airport. While searching for an ATM to withdraw cash yen for my two-week vacation, I laugh at the sight of a TRAVELER's Factory shop. It's just right there. So easy, just a few steps away. And I had watched so many YouTubes and blog reviews of these famous shops. 

Our TRC customers often ask us if we can acquire what are known as TRF – TRAVELER'S Factory – goods, and the answer is always... Sorry, no. TRF items are exclusive to their individual shops, and anything you see being sold online with the "Factory" name is either being resold or is a bootleg. 

Just a sampling of the custom and collaboration TRAVELER'S goods on display at the Tokyo Station shop

And when I walk into the little kiosk that is the Narita Airport TRAVELER'S Factory shop, I get the picture fast why fans go wild to get this stuff. Yeah, it's got the entire TRC lineup neatly arranged into a corner the size of a gas station coffee stand. And then it's got like a million bonus things like custom branded washi tapes, postcards, journal charms, specialty leather goods like wallets and pencil cases made out of the journal leather, and and and and(!!) a stamping station! Wowwwwiee. I knew all of this from the internet, but still to see it in person is a trip. (Get it? I made a trip... to Japan... and it's... yeah.)

Framed TRC postcards on display at the Narita Airport TRF

The other two TRAVELER'S Factory shops are in Tokyo Station, which is another kiosk type store slightly bigger than the airport shop, and the flagship location in the Nakameguro area of Tokyo. Both the Narita and Tokyo Station shops are either across from or adjacent to complimenting stationery/lifestyle mini shops, while the Nakameguro store requires a short walk down a back alley, away from the main shopping streets. 

It's smart, you know? Many tourists arrive to Japan at Narita Airport and then must travel to Tokyo Station for the next leg of their journey. So it's possible to hit up the smaller shops if your itinerary doesn't have room for a pit stop in Nakameguro. Each store has a convenient free map with addresses of all three locations, plus an awesome hand-drawn guide of the Nakameguro area in case you do decide to visit – very useful! 

The Tokyo Station TRAVELER'S Factory store

Everything looking soooo good at the Tokyo Station TRAVELER'S Factory

Furthermore, all three stores have really fun stamping stations. For example, the Narita TRF has stamps of dozens of countries around the world, and the Tokyo Station TRF has stamps of all the prefectures in Japan. Did you know? Every JR Railway station has its own custom station stamp? So it feels like a continuation of this traveling tradition.

I stamped Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka in my journal at the Tokyo Station TRF, since I was visiting those three cities on my trip


After getting out some cash, hopping the 1000円 bus direct to Tokyo station (recommended if you aren't using a JR Rail Pass!), and eventually checking into my Shinjuku capsule hotel I decided that I would visit the flagship TRAVELER'S Factory the following afternoon. 

For a Thursday afternoon on a chilly overcast day, the place was packed from the moment I got there till the time I left hours later. TRAVELER'S Factory Nakameguro did not disappoint. From the expertly curated displays to the product selection to the 2nd floor lounge and pour-over coffee, it was a joy to take my time and poke around every little thing in the shop. And this was only the beginning of my trip.

"After taking multiple photos of your TRAVELER'S Notebook with the building..."

How bout I let the pictures do the talking now?

Views from the Nakameguro TRAVELER'S Factory

Snack area wiews from the Nakameguro TRAVELER'S Factory

Views from the Nakameguro TRAVELER'S Factory

Views from the Nakameguro TRAVELER'S Factory

Views from the Nakameguro TRAVELER'S Factory

Stamping station views from the Nakameguro TRAVELER'S Factory

(Then if you, for example, buy a postcard and a coffee, you can go upstairs to the chillest loft lounge and do a little journaling while you enjoy your purchases!)

Views from the Nakameguro TRAVELER'S Factory

Views from the Nakameguro TRAVELER'S Factory

Views from the Nakameguro TRAVELER'S Factory

Views from the Nakameguro TRAVELER'S Factory

That's all for now. If you're curious about the travel itinerary for the rest of my two weeks in Japan, stay tuned. =)

And if you're like OMG WHERE CAN I GET MY OWN TRAVELER'S NOTE, please click this link.

Bonus: This was my favorite TRF tour video that I watched prior to my trip. I really enjoyed this YouTuber's other videos as well – something nice about the lighthearted humor and genuine enthusiasm that I appreciate a lot. Thanks, Job's Journal.


 P.S. Thanks to every TRF shop staff for being so welcoming and allowing me to take these photos. :)

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  • Carrie

    I have a serious case of the green eyed monster after watching your video! What an amazing shop it’s enough to make me go to Japan for that alone!

  • Carrie

    I have a serious case of the green eyed monster after watching your video! What an amazing shop it’s enough to make me go to Japan for that alone!

  • Kate

    Is that a dark GREEN TN regular size in the box of TNs (between the white cover and the black one with the pen hanging from the clip) behind the jar of beads?

  • Anonymous

    Luv your site! Would like to know how can I obtain a subscription of Traverler’s Times? Thank U.

  • J. L. Massey

    Being a commercial Interior Designer and an avid scuba diver, I am always traveling and usually will collect various paper products and trinkets along the way. I realized not so long ago that I had no way of organizing all of my treasures in an unusual presentation kind of way. I have always loved unusual and high end (paper) products and TRC feeds this addiction. I just ordered my first Traveler’s Notebook and I am so excited. I have a feeling that a visit to TRC and Omoi Zakka Shop will be in my near future. Thank you.

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