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Views from Pine Street: June

Views from Pine Street: June

We've said it before and we'll say it again – our Pine Street shop looks amazing lately. This is all thanks to our dream team of a shop staff and of course our customers who keep us very happy and busy!

Vibrant and colorful front table

Our front door monstera

Peering through the flowers to our TRAVELER'S Company nook

What are you reading lately?

Shades and time pieces for the person who needs them

Our favorite fragrances aligned by the stars...

Look closely

Small items for the kitchen double as excellent housewarming gifts

For your daily carry needs...

Our humble line-up of Japanese ceramics, perfect for everyday use

Hard to get, high quality Japanese stationery

Natural, plant-based skincare we love

Some in-store exclusives

Did you know that Omoi Zakka Shop is an official TRAVELER'S Company Partner Shop?

Wherever you look, there is something to find.

Necessary or unnecessary? Desk supplies and study aids. =)

Visit Omoi Zakka Shop Rittenhouse at 1608 Pine Street in beautiful Philadelphia!

Would you believe that the original location here stocks the same product selection as our thrice-as-large Old City store? It's true. And yes, the Old City shop is still closed from the fire/water damage back in February(!!), but reconstruction work is wrapping up and a re-open is finally on the horizon. Keep you posted. In the meantime, plan a visit with us the next time you're in the area.

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