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Having the right tools: April's desk

Having the right tools: April's desk

Ever since "selfie" replaced "GPOY" in our social media lexicon (that's "gratuitous picture of yourself"), it was only a matter of time before spinoffs like "shelfie" and "deskie" emerged. Both of these are hashtag search terms—concise cousins of "everyday carry" (or EDC) and "whats in my bag"—and FOMO notwithstanding, we freakin love to see it. Why is it so cool(? satisfying?) to see what's in someone's bag or pockets or strewn all over their desk? Is it related to some sort of childhood response when your grandma said you could go in her purse for a candy? Hard to say. 

Of course, in 2020 last year our all-staff meetings became virtual, and we got to get a glimpse of each other's workspaces and bedrooms while swimming in a hoodie and our hair still wet from the shower. Being that we sell office and home and lifestyle goods, things occasionally side-tracked for show-and-tells, as we noticed various things from the shop in each other's homes.

Today we feature the deskie of our logistics manager, April.

A white desk with a 2021 planner on it. There are square pen holders full of pens along the edge of the desk.

This interview is conducted by Monk our online director.

So I want to say for our readers that you usually dress for work in stylish gray and neutral tone clothing, in architectural and fashion-forward ambiguous silhouettes. You also contribute your knowledge of ceramics and jewelry making when it comes to buying for the store, particularly when it comes to glazes and raw materials in use. And, you're very partial to funny, tiny, cute things—like when Fog Linen or someone has tiny brass spoons or little wooden knives for a season, you've already got an entire place setting for some elegant small ice cream service in mind. You conviced me to buy the entire Kinto Cast series this way, and I don't regret it! All this to say, it's cool to see your sense of style reflected in your workspace.

April: My penchant for tiny, cute things comes from the idea of creating small rituals around everyday tasks and events. Something as simple as a cute brass spoon to scoop out your tea every morning or a tiny Cast bowl for your mise en place.

When the tools I use resonate on a visceral level, the act of doing these things become more mindful and enjoyable.

The desk with a pencil case, coffee mug, and a few books, neatly arranged in a grid.

What would you say is important when it comes to having a functional workspace?

It’s meaningful for me to have a space that I want to exist in and makes me feel productive. I do that by filling my workspace with objects that speak to me in function and aesthetic. I gravitate towards things that have a quiet, austere simplicity to combat mental clutter.

What's your most used item from the shop? What's your favorite?

I have so many items from the shop that I use everyday, so that’s a tough one. The first thing that popped into my head was the Deitanseki Charcoal Facial Soap. It has binchotan charcoal in it which pulls impurities out of the skin. I’ve used it for probably as long as I’ve worked at Omoi so 8 years.

My favorite item from the shop at the moment is my Abacus Row Craven bracelet. I love the materials used, especially the Miyuki glass seed beads. It has a delicate quality yet there’s a boldness to the design and color choices.

What's your most used or favorite item that's not from the shop?

I love my Mitsubishi Cleansui water pitcher. I’m paranoid about water cleanliness, and the smooth tasting water is a plus. I’ve been nudging Liz to get it in the shop, so we’ll see…

What were the factors that made you decide to bring these things home and into your life?

I usually seek out objects that fulfill a need and execute a function with precision.

I find these qualities in soundly designed pieces, free of excesses. As a maker, craftsmanship and the story behind a piece are important factors when choosing what I bring into my life. That being said, I do love the occasional cute thing just for the sake of having it to stare at.

In the shops, you're frequently keeping track of inventory and recieving shipments—work that requires a real fastidious consistency and attentive eye. In terms of being organized and able to get things done, what would you say actually works or helps or is just critical and important? (i.e. having the right equipment/supplies, good communication, getting enough sleep, keeping lists, eating ice cream as a treat every day, etc)

Who told you about my ice cream eating habits? I don’t eat it every day but yeah, food is an effective motivator for me. Taking a moment with a treat to meditate over my work can be reenergizing. Besides that, I’m pretty dependent upon having the right tools, whether electronic or “analog” like a nice notebook and pencil. I use my Kleid string & tie notebook with an extra firm Blackwing to jot down daily to-do lists and ideas. My Mark’s notebook calendar helps me keep track of bigger picture things.

And if you could blow a month's pay anywhere in the city, where would it be? (It doesn't have to be all in once place.)

I would take the Omoi team on a pastry/bread tour of Philadelphia! We would start at my favorite coffee shop, Jiggy Coffee, to pick up coffee and Au Fournil pastries. The owners, Jackie & John, are super friendly. We’d also have to stop by two of my favorite bakeries in the city, J’aime French Bakery and ICI Macarons. Oh! I would buy enough flowers to fill my entire apartment from Auntie Timm at Avanda Flowers.

A more natural/messy desk view of the same items from before.

Shop items pictured:


Have an Omoi deskie of your own you'd like to share? Drop us a line in the comments!

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  • Brittney

    So wonderful to see this and to read April’s eloquent answers. It’s always fascinating to see the objects people bring into their lives.

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