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Stationery Store Day at OMOI

Stationery Store Day at OMOI

OMOI will be participating in Stationery Store Day on Saturday August 3rd, 2024!

We'll be selling exclusive Stationery Store Day merch that will be released that day.

Stationery Store Day started in 2022 when owner of Calliope, Kristina Burkey, sought out to find and support indepdently-owned stationery shops. Now, the first Saturday in August known as Stationery Day has spread worldwide.

On every first Saturday in August, visit your favorite local shop! Visit a couple! If you're not sure where yours are, check out the list of participating shops.

Post to social and tag your local shop or find the owner and tell them how much you love their space. If you don't have a local shop and spend all your stationery budget online, make some stories tagging your favorite online shops! Read more about Stationery Store Day here.

Free on Friday? You're invited to First Friday at OMOI!

Friday August 2nd from 12-5pm: Shop deadstock apparel from Hysteric Glamour and our entire leftover stock of men’s selvedge denim, and pieces from Liz's closet like vintage 2k by Gingham, GAP, UNIQLO, BAGGU, Anthropologie, Benetton, Lacoste, and Stüssy. All priced to sell. Enjoy light refreshments and in-store giveaways... 👀 Read more about the event on the blog.

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