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Time for A Restorative Bath

Time for A Restorative Bath

Spring season in the shop has always been about lightening the mood a bit: taking a restorative bath, reminding ourselves to enjoy the time when things can be less urgent and when the warm sun peeks in between the gray days, we can toss off our cardigan and let our skin breathe.

The month of April sees us planning small trips and concerts and meetups with friends - to the George Nakashima Woodworker house tour, a late July outdoor Japanese Breakfast show, or early morning laps around the Heinz Wildlife Refuge.

This season’s mix is a short soundtrack for the ritual of planning - filling in ticket times on your calendar, planning outfits and assembling the perfect keychain-and-coin-purse combo for a day outdoors, choosing the perfect, not-too-eager small gift to bring to a friend who you haven’t seen in two years.

Throw on a slouchy t-shirt, light some incense, clear your workspace and enjoy.


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