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STÁLOGY 029 Removable To-Do Stickers

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  • A to-do sticker type with removable adhesive on the entire back side. It can be applied tightly without fluttering and can be peeled off cleanly later. 
  • The light gray checkboxes and list fields spaced at 10mm intervals make it easy to see and write tasks.
  • Put them on your notebooks, files, or other favorite stationery to provide them with scheduling functions to manage your schedule and tasks.
  • Each sheet comes with a peel-off paper, so you can carry it around by inserting it into your notebook pocket or smartphone case.
  • Comes with 22 sheets. 
  • Sold individually. Choose from 2 sizes. 
  • Small measures 2.16" x 3.6"
  • Medium measures 2.16 x 6.3"

What should have been, is. 

The link between stationery and people began when people first used a stick to draw on the ground. The link, time and again, has continued to evolve along with the evolution of people. However, its intended purpose has never changed, and continues to exist today.

STÁLOGY is now rethinking this evolution—a stationery design collaboration between Nitto Group and Manabu Mizuno, a leading creative director in Japan—endeavoring to create stationery with good design and function at a reasonable price, improving the "standard" level of stationery. 

Eliminating unnecessary ornamentation and fuction, they are taking a new look at what's really necessary, rediscovering essential elements and aiming to finally arrive at what should have existed all along.

stationery, standard & technology


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