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Cyborg Memoirs 2012-2019

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  • Interviews, Essays, Rants, Reposts, "Non-Fiction" from Philly born-n-raised writer M. Téllez
  • File Under: Trans Memoir Internet Race Philly Working Class
  • 5 color pages, 124 pages total
  • Published Nov 2023

something that began as a tumblr archive zine

this is a tome about anger and angst

what started as a 2023 transiting mars in gemini x venus in leo reflection for the fools and ghouls the youngsters and the lurkers

culture shock - on feeling played and salty

what’s considered rude and classy - on talking shit and sour grapes

what a friend once referred to as my whiteness studies

a sci-fi writer’s research chronicle

and the intense identity politicking times where so many webs of things were perceived and learned and discoursed and discussed and flaunted and played with quickly rapidly hyperly

when the image based internet overtook the text based one, and a new visual level of identity and experience based political discourse online seemed to take offfffffff

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