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Kamenoko Body Scrub Brush with String Narita

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Whether you're trying to clean or exfoliate, a deep scrub with Kamenoko's Narita Body Scrub Brush will set you on the right course to smooth, clean skin. This hardy scrub gently massages your tired muscles while exfoliating and cleansing skin, leaving you feeling fresh and rejuvenated. It's not a soft scrub brush by any means, but it's ideal for serious dirt removal and massaging those pesky rough and callused areas to your smoothest desire.

Kamenoko tawashi are made with 100% palm fibers, which can withstand repeated water exposure and are durable but not abrasive. This makes for a long-lasting body scrub, even in moisture heavy enviornments like the shower. 

The meaning of "kamenoko tawashi" comes from the Japanese words for baby turtle and scrubber — a reference to the turtle-like shape and its connection to water and longevity.

The scrubber comes with a rope loop for easy hanging in your shower. Made in Japan.

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