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3 Oysters Hunters Ink Bottles

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3 Oysters's beautifully muted inks turn even a grocery store list into a work of art. In refined shades like Mountain Grey or Night Black, you can use them to write a letter, illustrate a sketchbook, practice your calligraphy, even make your own fountain pen cartridges! The tilted glass bottle features one slanted edge for easy pen dipping. 

Choose from Night Black, Forest Green, Sand Beige, Water Navy, Mountain Grey, or Sahara Tan colorways. 

  • Water-based ink
  • 38ml bottle
  • Sold separately
  • Made in South Korea

The 3 Oysters company creates fine fountain pen inks made in Korea. A symbol of the good things in life, oysters have hard shells and are hard to open, but with the right tools the job is easy. The 3 Oysters company takes its name from the three tools used in writing: pen, ink, paper. The world's your oyster!

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