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Kala Hallo Kerti Candles

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Light up and chill out. Change the mood of your space with the glow of Kala Style's beautiful Halló Kerti candles. Crafted with environmentally sustainable soybeans, each votive captures the natural, undisturbed auras of Iceland.

Made with a 100% GMO-free soy base and sturdy cotton wick, these high quality candles burn twice as long as your average votive. Enjoy a clean, 20-hour burn time. Recycle the hand-painted glass when you're done - they make the perfect home for a little plant.

Angelica Herb: A sense of enlightenment with an aromatic medley of matcha tea, lemon, bergamot and eucalyptus oils.

Kelp: A sense of peace with harmonious blend of sea kelp, sweet fennel, litsea fruit and thyme oil.

Moss: A sense of grounding with earthy elements of green moss, sage leaf, palo santo and star anise.

Volcanic Ash: A sense of energy with a rich blend of smoked woods, cedar leaf, elemi and birch oil.

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